Bauskas pils ko apskatīt Bauskā

What to see in Bauska? Bauska castle, motor museum, and other places

You may have heard there is a place in Latvia where roses never wither, and a white fairytale castle stands on the bank of the river. Perhaps you have even heard rumors that the interior of this castle has been renovated and is quite impressive. That's why the question of what exactly is in the stomach of this castle does not leave you alone. Or maybe you have already decided to explore the secrets of Bauska castle and are trying to understand what else to see in Bauska during the same trip? 

I was there recently. I can offer you (almost) live report.

But why did I choose Bauska as my trip destination? Because it is also available to those adventure seekers who do not have their carriage (car). You can get to Bauska from Riga by bus, and all attractions included in the route are within walking distance. We managed to walk about 5 and a half kilometers. 

So get in the car or bus, and let's find out what to see in Bauska.

Go to the castle along the Bauska nature trail


If you are using your private carriage, you can go straight to the castle. But if you are on foot, you can imagine that you plan to visit the castle secretly and choose to walk along the Bauska nature trail. It is a path by the river itself, separated from the city by an earth embankment. 

In February, the outlook is rather sad. But that's because all the green has been drained out of nature. I believe that in other seasons the mood will be more cheerful. But (in my opinion) walking along such a path is, in any case, more interesting than walking through the city.

Bauskas dabas taka

The highlight of the trail is the 'corner of happiness.' It's a place where one can try to fight the wind. But it's not a windmill, so you'll probably win. The battle is to take the best picture. There is a photo frame in the 'corner of happiness.' And this frame rotates in windy weather. And if you don't manage to take a picture quickly enough, you have to either poke the frame or wait for the next round. 

But maybe it's better this way. You can choose which link you want to include in your photo.

Foto rāmis Bauskas dabas takā

What to see in Bauska castle?


There is an entrance fee. You can find working hours here.

This castle is like a labyrinth. Some stairs go up, and stairs go down. There are many doors and an almost endless number of rooms. The entrance fee is, in my opinion, high - 9 euros for a full ticket. But Bauska Castle is impressive, and there is a lot to see. So I thought this adventure was worth the money I invested. 

I will tell you what you can see in Bauska castle so that you can decide whether this price is worth it for you. But I would recommend checking out the castle from the outside even if you don't visit the grounds. 

Bauskas pils no ārpuses

Interior of Bauska castle

It is interesting - the further you go, the emptier the rooms get. 

But those are some rooms! With high ceilings, masonry walls, and decorative fireplaces. There is not much furniture, but it seems appropriate for the time. People didn't have that many things in those days. But the things they had were quite impressive. In the arsenal of palace furniture, you will find large chests, massive tables, and unbelievably small beds. 

Bauskas pils guļamistaba

As usual, I found it most interesting to peek into the kitchen. You can always find something odd there. For example - a giant pestle. All the items used in the interior seem to be replicas, but that doesn't bother me. I am looking for a place that can set the mood. Bauskas castle has done it successfully. 

Just dress warmly - there is no central heating in such old castles. 

Virtuve ko var apskatīt Bauskas pilī

A daily dose of laughter

I think we found a toilet with two seats next to each other. I suppose you can continue to discuss business while doing your business.

Exhibitions at Bauska castle

In the castle, you will also find several expositions with ancient objects, weapons, and costume reproductions. 

Bauska castle tower and viewing platform - the culmination of the adventure

In my opinion, this is the most impressive part of the castle.

Imagine the following scene - You enter through the door of the tower. Something is moving on the floor in the far room. What's that? You go further. And discover that on the floor, there is a projection of how Bauska Castle has developed over the centuries. Then you look up. And you see all the details of the tower - exposed walls, wooden stairs, and roof. You could describe it as all the insides being exposed. Or maybe it's the soul that's exposed.

Bauskas pils tornis

And best of all, you can climb the tower and look at this from above too. It's hard for me to decide which view is more interesting. What do you think?

Bauskas pils torņa iekšpuse

Before going to Bauska, I diligently searched for a place in Bauska to look at the city from above. My detective skills failed me. But I was in for a surprise. You can look at Bauska from above from the tower of Bauska castle.

Skats uz Bausku no augšas

Quick stops in Bauska

There are also a couple of quick stops in Bauska - places where there is something beautiful and interesting, but there is nothing to do for more than a few minutes. You can also call them photo spots.

Bauska town hall


The town hall of Bauska is a neat, rosy building with a tower. There is a tourism information center inside. Click-click! And a picture is ready.

Rātsnams ko iespējams apskatīt Bauskā

Bauskas Rose alley


Right next to the Bauska Museum, you will find an avenue of never wilting roses. What do you see here?

Mājas stūris Bauskas rožu alejā

The more I looked, the more interesting the place seemed to me. At first, I saw houses that had been thoroughly affected by time. And I saw fabric roses attached to the walls. But after a while, I realized how perfectly romantic flowers and houses with peeling paint and traces of a long life complement each other, creating a fascinating contrast.

Bauskas rožu aleja

The lesson of the day

Roses can grow anywhere.

There is a sign "Come in the courtyard" on one of the buildings. Hmm. When I was a child I was thought not to get into strangers cars or courtyards. Even if they offer cookies.

Plakāts ienāc pagalmā

Asks like that always make me suspicious. But around the corner, you can see a fragment of a mosaic. As I had previously read that somewhere in Bauska, there is a fish mosaic, I knew what it was. So this served as an encouragement to enter the yard and look at it. But in other situations, of course, be careful with such signs. 

Bauskas zivju mozaīka

Bauska motor museum


Entrance fee and working hours.

What is missing from this car?

That's right - mirrors. I learned at the Bauska motor museum that in the past mirrors were not included in the base equipment of the car. One could purchase them as additional accessories. Can you imagine? I get shivers just imagining it.

Retro auto Bauskas motormuzejā

The museum employees are very responsive and will tell you many interesting facts about the retro cars found in the Bauska Motor Museum.

I am a person who distinguishes cars by color. And even I was interested to see what a fire truck and a trailer - summer house once looked. And I learned that cars without roofs used to be cheaper. Why? You will have to go to the Bauska motor museum and ask the employees to find out. 

Retro auto ko iespējams apskatīt Bauskā

In general, visiting Bauska can be an adventure for the whole day. It will be liked by those who dream of living in the castle walls and those who are always open to learning something new, this time about retro cars.

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Thanks for visiting my little corner of the internet, and I hope this article was helpful to You :)

Best regards, Armanda


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