Ko apskatīt Kazdangā - Kazdangas laipa

What to see in Kazdanga? Stop at the Kazdanga footbridge!

What to see in Kazdanga? Be sure to stop at the Kazdanga footbridge! It's a cousin to Kanieris lake from Kurzeme. The little cousin as to reach the height of Kanieris reeds, the reeds of Kazdanga need to grow a little more. But, in my opinion, an equally beautiful, unusual place to stop at any time of the year. In summer, the overgrown lake is green, lively, and full of sun, but in winter or early spring, the reeds have dried and are gray-brown. And if you feel like hiking, you can also go for a walk in the forest around the lake. Or stop at the other notable Kazdanga attraction - Kazdanga Castle.

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Kazdanga footbridge that splits the overgrown lake in half with a viewing platform in the middle


This is one place in Kazdang that I would definitely recommend stopping by. You can catch the most beautiful view either standing at the beginning of the footbridge when it divides the lake into two parts, or from the viewing platform. It is not high but allows you to look at the overgrown lake from a different angle. The place is also very photogenic both in summer and winter. That's why here is a pile of pictures.

Kazdangas laipa vasarā
Kazdanga footbridge in summertime, July 2020
Skats no putnu vērošanas platformas Kazdangā
View from the platform in summertime, July 2020
Ko apskatīt Kazdangā - Kazdangas laipa ziemā
Footbridge in early spring, March 2021
Skats no Kazdangas putnu vērošanas platformas ziemā
view from the platform in early spring, March 2021

If you don't have to rush further, you can also stop by Kazdanga Castle. Since Kazdanga was the only stop on our trip, we went from the footbridge around the lake and then to the castle. But you can drive closer to the Kazdanga castle by car if You wish.

If you are not afraid of the baron's ghost, stop by Kazdanga Castle, the other must-see place of Kazdanga


To get to the castle, You have to cross a stone bridge, which, as it turns out, has the unsettling name "Vaidu Bridge" (moan bridge).

Kazdangas palace itself is an example of a classicism style.

Ko redzēt Kazdangā - Kazdangas pils
Kazdanga castle, March 2021

Right in front of the castle, there is a tree of love with several locks attached - a very nice idea. If not hang the key, then at least kiss your loved one next to the tree for good luck.

You can also see wooden sculptures and read the legend about how Kazdanga got its name. I'll give You a hint - something related to goats (Kazas in Latvian). If you go for a walk in the castle park on a windy day, you may hear a quiet sound. Is it the Baron's ghost? The more observant will find a way to explain these sounds without mystical phenomena.

There is also a Grotto in the castle park, where the baron is said to have sipped tea in the old days, but unfortunately, we did not find it on our walk. 

Mīlestības koks Kazdangā pie Kazdangas pils
Love tree, March 2021
Kazdangas leģenda koka skulptūrās
The Legend of Kazdanga, March 2021

It's a bit of a drive from Riga to get here. But if you're going to see Aizpute or Cīrava Forest Park, You will drive through Kazdanga, and it's worth a stop. Especially if you liked the Kaniera nature trail and are looking for a similar attraction. As I already mentioned, the lake boardwalk is beautiful in any season, but I recommend visiting the Kazdanga palace park when everything is lush and green. In early spring it was more gloomy.

Aizputes pilsdrupas

Next stop - Aizpute

Just a little bit further you will find another interesting city, which has an art park and castle ruins.

Thanks for visiting my little corner of the internet, and I hope this article was helpful to You :)

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