Ko apskatīt Batumi - skats uz Batumi no augšas

What to see in Batumi, Georgia? Sea, entertainment, and colorful lights.

​​What to see in Batumi? Georgia is very diverse. Every city has its own vibe. Batumi could be described as a city of the future. It somehow reminded me of Dubai. Palms. Beach promenade. High-rise hotels are being built. And at night, the city shines in colorful lights. We spent 2 days of our trip to Georgia in Batumi - the first and the last day. I enjoyed it very much, so I will tell you what I would definitely recommend seeing in Batumi.

What to see in Batumi Miracle Park? Alphabet tower, Ferris wheel and Ali and Nino sculpture.

Miracle park location

Here, stories of tragic love, unique Georgian culture, and fun summer evenings come together in one place.

Ko apskatīt Batumi miracle park - skats ar panorāmas ratu, Alfabēta torni un mīlestības skulptūru

We stopped in Miracle park multiple times. First during the day. Then we ride the Ferris wheel, to look at the sea and the city from a slightly higher viewpoint. It wasn't a long ride, but we enjoyed it.

Batumi panorāmas rats un bāka naktī

We also looked at the sculpture of Love. This, unfortunately, is one of the tragic love stories. The man and woman depicted in the sculpture are moving toward each other. It's like they're going for a kiss. They merge into one for a moment, then move apart again. According to the story that supposedly inspired this work of art, just when Ali and Nino, lovers from different worlds, could finally be together, they were separated by death.

Ali un Nino skulptūra

On the last evening of our trip, we returned to see the park after the sunset. Because almost everything in Batumi looks better in the dark. Then the illuminated alphabet tower stood out. Its design, in my opinion, is very clever - the spirals form DNA, in which the letters of the unique Georgian alphabet are interwoven. 

Batumi alfabēta tornis naktī

Batumi neparastās arhitektūras pērles.

Imagine an upside-down, smaller White House(look for it here)In Batumi, in this category, I would include a house with a Ferris wheel on its wall that to this day still stands empty(look for it here)as well as a hotel designed to look like the Colosseum.

Māja ar panorāmas ratu sienā

And Chacha tower(look for it here). Not because of its appearance. Because of the wild idea that alcohol (famous Georgian chacha) could flow from its fountains instead of water.

Čačas tornis

Batumi bulvāris – ne tikai pastaiga gar jūru.

Batumi Boulevard Fountains location

Batumi boulevard is not just a 7km long promenade along the sea, where you can go for long walks and watch the fire dance show at night. It also includes a beautiful green park with trees, columns, and fountains.

We started our walk from Miracle park along the promenade. It was full of happy tourists and snack stalls. On one side, there is the sea. On the other side, there are palm trees and the city.

Batumi bulvāra palmas un velosipēdistu celiņš

After a while, we saw a side road to a beautiful square. It is one of our favorite places in Batumi now. We liked it because there is a bamboo grove in it. Bamboos have always fascinated me. Or maybe we liked it because of the fountains that look ordinary during the day, but at night they are lit up and begin to dance to the music played by the musicians' sculptures on top of the columns surrounding them.  

If you, the same as I, were looking for dancing fountains in Batumi on the map and got confused because you found two different ones, don't worry. Batumi has two dancing fountains. These are the central ones created in 1977. And there are also other dancing fountains on the lake in front of the rotating sculpture. I will talk about those a bit later. 

Bambusu audze
Batumi dejojošās strūklakas naktī

We continued our walk through the park, where we found beautifully trimmed trees, columns, and blooming flowers. But if You choose the route on the promenade instead, you could see several sculptures. For example, the human figures holding hearts, which you have probably seen in some pictures of Batumi.

Batumi bulvāra parks

Noskaidro mēness pozīciju, izmantojot astronomisko pulksteni Eiropas laukumā.

Batumi Europe squere location

The square is surrounded by elegant buildings. In the middle stands a tall statue depicting Medea with a golden fleece in her hand. It symbolizes fame and prosperity. There is also an astronomical clock that shows more than just time. It shows the position of the sun and moon, zodiac signs, and other parameters.

Ēka eiropas laukumā
Batumi astronomiskais pulkstenis

Argo cable car that takes you to an exciting height of 256m

Argo cable car location

Get ready to raise higher than houses and treetops. I was a bit scared, as there was a slightly suspicious moment when the acceleration started, but everything was fine during the ride. The trip was much longer than in Tbilisi. Because the purpose of this cable car is not just to get You from point A to point B. It is designed for You to take in panoramic views.

Galā ir vismaz uz brīdi jāizkāpj ārā, jo atpakaļ vagoniņš dodas ar cilvēkiem, kas gaida rindā. Tāpēc saglabājiet biļeti atpakaļceļam. Galapunktā ir kafejnīca, vīna veikals un skatu platforma, no kuras var vērot gan apkārtni, gan to, kā brauc vagoniņi.

Argo trošu vilcieniņš un panorāmisks skats

Dejojošās strūklakas Ardagani ezerā – gaismu un skaņu baudījums.

Ardagani lake dancing fountains location

It is a must-see place in the evening. The lights, color, and music create a spectacular show. And after the sun has set, the amusement park across the lake lights up, and high-rise buildings behind you also light up. Batumi is not a huge city. But on summer nights, you can catch that "big city vibe" here due to neon, tall buildings, and fun people.

Dejojošās strūklakas

Where to eat in Batumi? Taste Georgian cuisine

We made the mistake of thinking that it is not necessary to look for a restaurant in advance, as Georgian food will be available on every corner. But it turns out that the selection of cafes and restaurants in Batumi is very international. So we had to walk around for a while until we found a place where one could taste a proper Adjarian khachapuri. We liked the meals in two restaurants - Heart of Batumi and Sazandari.I must say that in Sazandari, everything was much sharper, but as far as I understand, Georgian dishes are supposed to be spicy.

Nogaršo Adžārijas hačapuri.

Imagine a freshly baked, hot boat of bread with melted cheese inside - that gooey, slightly salty kind. And there's a fat lump of butter floating in it, and there's a fresh egg on top. You break off the crispy end of the boat and slowly stir the egg and butter into the cheese. After that, each broken piece of bread is thoroughly soaked in this hot mass and eaten.

There are many types of bread in Georgia. And several different types of khachapuri (bread with cheese). But the hearty Adjarian khachapuri was the one that stole our hearts on our first lunch in Batumi. So we ordered it everywhere we ate after that. We wanted to compare them. We found out that the bread used for the base of khachapuri differs in different cafes. Sometimes it was more like pizza dough, sometimes more like lavash, but it's always delicious.

Hačapuri maize Gruzijā

Miks said that Batumi was definitely not what he expected. Except for the stray dogs on the streets, we expected to see those. And I will agree with what he said - Batumi is very different from the rest of Georgia. It is more international. But that doesn't mean it doesn't have its highlights. Right the opposite. I would say that if you're traveling to Georgia, it's worth stopping by for a day or two in this city to enjoy the architecture, and entertainment, and relax on the beach. The variety only brightens the travel palette.

Where did we go next? We rented a car and drove towards Kutaisi to enjoy Georgia's nature. Article coming soon.

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