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8 gift ideas for those who like to travel

Did Christmas sneak up to you again? And you need to try to pull a trick out of your hat so that you don't leave your loved ones without gifts? Hocus pocus! I have a small list of gift ideas for those who love to travel. Some things I've tried myself. Others were suggested to me by the mighty internet, whose algorithms perfectly understand that I, as a travel enthusiast, am the right demographic for those things. 

Are you ready to be Santa's best helper? Well then, let's open the gift bag.

1. Scratch off map - a gift idea for those who are proud of their travels

#conversation_starter #the_fun_braggart

Imagine You visit someone and see that there is a travel map on the wall with half the world marked. Questions immediately arise. It's a great conversation starter.

This gift is perfect for those who like to brag a little about their travels. As well as for those who get endorphins from ticking off a completed task on their to-do list.

Find Latvia map here.

Find World map here.

I have the Latvia map myself (I got it as a gift from my best friend). I really like it.

Atmiņu žurnāli

2. A travel planner or travel memory book - because you can enjoy a trip more than once


Exploring a new place is not the only time travel that can bring you joy. Planning a trip can be very enjoyable too. Because when planning, you dream about all the exciting adventures that await you. And You can also enjoy the trip even after the trip has ended by immersing yourself in warm memories of what you saw.

The memory book will be perfect for those that are a bit sentimental and creative spirits who like to put their thoughts on paper and create something themselves. This gift idea will not be suitable for lazy people.

Planner + Memory Book (two birds with one shot) - here.

Planner - find it here.

Travel memory book that encourages writing - find it here.

Can't judge the quality of the books in examples as I haven't tried them myself. But they do look very interesting.

3. Travel photo book - a gift for someone special with whom you once went on a trip


This book of memories will warm the hearts of those who don't like or don't want to create something themselves. You will have to put in the most work here because you will be the one who will select the pictures and create the layout of the photo book. To make a gift truly meaningful and special, make a book about the trip you took with the recipient and include the special moments you shared.

One of the companies that offer the creation of photo books in Latvia can be found here

So far, I have only ordered printed photos from them, not a photo book. Therefore, I cannot be 100% certain about its quality. 

Cilvēks lej tēju no termosa

4. A special thermos - a gift idea for those who like to go for walks and hikes


In the cold season of the year, an indispensable walking companion is a thermos, in which hot tea or coffee awaits its big entry. Most people already have regular thermos. But not everyone has a personalized thermos with their name or a special quote. 

The gift idea will suit those who spend a lot of time outdoors and appreciate beautiful, unique things. 

Thermoses for which you can order personalized printing - find them here.

I haven't tried it myself, but it sounds interesting.

6. Travel board game - for those who spend a lot of time traveling


Travelers know that sometimes you have to spend several hours on a plane or some other means of transport to get to your dream destination. And no one wants to sit and stare into nothingness. One way to combat boredom on a long journey is to play a travel-friendly board game.

The gift option is suitable for those who often travel with someone else (you can't really play alone) and don't want to spend the entire journey looking at your phone. It will also be useful for those traveling with older children who need to be occupied during the trip.

Alias travel edition here.

Saderēsim travel edition here.

I don't have the travel version, but I have played the full versions of these games, which I found to be interesting.

Saullēkts ar sup Cenas tīrelī

6. A gift card for an experience - with your gift, you will help create new memories


The best gift for a traveler is, of course, plane tickets. But it is quite an expensive gift and requires complicated logistics. A great alternative is a gift for an experience - for example, paddle-boarding in the bog, wine tasting, overnight stay in an unusual place, etc. 

The gift will suit both those who like to spend time outside the house and go on adventures and those who need a little motivation to move. 

I have tried paddleboarding in a bog (read more extensive adventure story here), and I definitely recommend it. Buy giftcard here.

Also, once at Christmas, I received a gift card from my boyfriend for an overnight stay in a tree-house, which was an interesting experience and encouraged me to plan a trip - But of course, there are 100+ different other options. Look for it here.

But of course there are 100+ different options out there.

7. Roadgames orienteering game - for those who like to compete


Roadgames allow you to get to know a new place while competing and completing various tasks. For example, finding which picture was taken at a certain point or solving a puzzle using clues. This is a great help if you have a travel routine. 

The gift idea is suitable for active, attractive people who like to challenge themselves and spend time with friends.  

Find how to buy roadgames gift cards here.

I haven't played it myself (only because I don't have friends to play with). But my boyfriend played it with his colleagues, and they were very happy with it.

Poloroīda kamera

8. Polaroid camera - a gift option for those who like to be right here and right now


We only live a moment once. And there's only one try for a Polaroid picture too. A nice gift for those who want real, raw, not-so-perfect photos of special travel moments. This gift is on the expensive side, though.

Check out one of the Polaroid camera variants here.

I don't have one myself, so I can't judge the quality of the particular seller. But in any case, there are many other options for Polaroid cameras on the Internet. Take this as an example.

Gift-giving is one of the languages ​​of love. Finding a gift that a person will like and use means showing a person you think about them. I will keep my fingers crossed that you find a gift that will bring joy and not collect dust.

PS - most of the pictures used in the article are not mine. They are from other talented authors on unsplashed.com.

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Thanks for visiting my little corner of the internet, and I hope this article was helpful to You :)

Best regards, Armanda


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